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Your Guide to

Google Web Search



How to find the information you need on the internet

Welcome to the companion Web site to the book Your Guide to Google Web Search.


The book was published back April 2010. Since then the look and feel of Google Web Search have changed a lot, and the search engine also works somewhat differently.


The book is therefore not completely up to date. Most of the suggestions for getting more relevant search results are, however, still valid.


We have therefore decided to keep the book on the market as a Print On Demand (POD) version only. The POD version is available from Amazon.


The book is not any longer available as an eBook in PDF format, but it may appear in other digital formats later.


Except for any information about new formats or versions, this web site is not updated any longer.


Thank you for your interest in the book!

About the printed book

You can search the whole book and preview many pages on Google Books.


You can order the printed book from Amazon US.

Click Amazon US to go directly to the book's page on Amazon.



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